While the Vics applauded Dalry for an excellent performance in the league championship, the success didn’t bring any significant change. The result didn’t change the league position, even though the Dalry team was hoping to finish the season on a high with a win. On the other hand, Vics were looking forward to keeping up the momentum going into the promotion playoffs, which would be the two biggest games the Club have played in a decade.

The game was quite intense, and Darly showed that they were prepared for the challenge, strictly focused on a game. They were playing some good football. However, it was the home side that had the first attempt and the opportunity on a goal, after Adam Forsyth overcome Gareth Turner to set up Graeme Barbour at the edge of the box. However, his left food drive was just too wide.

Then Barbour shot an angled low cross into the danger zone. On that occasion, the intervention of Lewis Kirkwood cleared the danger.

Both clubs showed eagerness, and it was clear from the start that they are ready to fight. Anyone could see that there will be goals in this case, and the first opener came in the 17th minute. Sean Ewart seized the first opportunity and whipped in a cross. On the other hand, Barbour got in front of Thistle keeper Marc Fisher, and as the ball broke free, he shot high into the net.

Fast forward into the game, both teams won four points. At the end of the game, the visitors were awarded the Ayrshire District League championship trophy. The spectators had an opportunity to witness an exciting match for their £5entrance fee.

But now, Vics have other things on their mind, and they must go and prepare for the two biggest games in their career, and probably the biggest matches in the last ten years. They will be playing against Maryhill for the place in next season’s new Championship.