Whitletts Victoria manager George Grierson is relying on football fans in Ayr to gather around the club and support the Vics as they prepare for the biggest match in the career and probably the most significant game in a decade.

Grierson took of the Ary’s junior club and became the manager in January, while the club was in the lower half of the Ayrshire District league. However, with this leadership, things in last 11 matches have changed. The Ary members played their best games in the previous season and turned with an impressive 11 match unbeaten streak.

For that reason, they finished the season in the best possible way and managed to earn playoff position for the place in the West Region Championship next season.

Now we have Superleague standing between Vics and the second place in junior football. The first leg of the two-legged tie will be played in Glasgow, at the Maryhill’s Lochburn Park on Monday 11th.

However, the deciding second leg will take place at Dam Park Stadium on Wednesday 13th June. These two games have massive importance for the club and Grierson. The players are ready to give their best and grab the opportunity they have earned.

In some of the previous interviewers Grierson said that since he arrived at the club, the players accepted this leadership and have been fantastic towards him. He also noted that all of them are highly talented and worked really hard to provide the club the opportunity to play on new Championship.

In the last season, they managed to pick 27 points out of possible 33. However, Grierson is under no illusion that the awaiting task will be the most challenging one. For that reason, he asks for the support of the local community, and he is convinced it will lead his team towards victory.

Considering the clubs impressive track record, the community is ready to help their club. Since Whitletts will be at home in the second leg, Grierson thinks it will give an advantage to his club. The committee is working really hard and has an excellent vision for the club.

It is offering free coaching services for the local kids during the school holidays, but also free coaching sessions during the week.

Grierson declared that home support was absolutely fantastic since he came here and that he hopes that the local community will do the same and help them overcome Maryhill.