There will be a Full League Meeting for all member clubs at WRCFA HQ, Fleet Lane, Woodlesford, Leeds, LS26 8NX on Thursday 8th September 2016 starting at 7.30pm.

Ideally we would prefer Club Secretaries to attend but if you are unable to do so then please arrange for someone else to represent your club at the meeting (we respectfully remind you there is a fine for non-attendance equivalent to £5.00 per team that a club has entered in the GJFL in the coming season).

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold. Firstly, for Club Secretaries to raise any issues they may have before the new season starts, and equally for the League to ensure that any such problems are resolved, and secondly, for members to receive presentations by WRCFA staff on disciplinary matters and changes to the Laws of the Game as recently published by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

As regards disciplinary matters, this will cover the procedures of the disciplinary system and responsibilities of clubs to ensure players honour their obligations and as regards the changes to the Laws of the Game, we feel it is essential that everyone from players to coaches to referees understands the meaning and purpose of the changes and thereby avoid any misunderstanding or problems on match days.

Handbooks for the 2016/17 will also be available for collection. As in previous years, a hard copy will be given to Club Secretaries and a full virtual version will be available for everyone to view on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.